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Owen Hurrell

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After overwhelmingly positive feedback and interest from actors, directors, producers etc, I have been advised by many to seek representation.

I have put the hours in to make my writing shine, and I am more than willing to put in the necessary hard work to further my career. I am perfectly capable of working in a writer's room, leading a project or working alone. I often act as a script editor for others, helping them better craft their ideas.

It's been a long life in these 35 years, coma, cancer, child bare knuckle boxing champion... you know, the usual! I have a lot of experiences to draw from which give me a unique perspective on things.


I'm trying to write my way to freedom and I just need someone to give me the opportunity to do so. There's only so much a person can alone.

A Few Interested Parties

John Adams (Evolutionary Films).jpeg

"It's good. I'll see what we can work out."

Peter Pedrero.jpeg

"Definitely up for working on it."

Bentley Kalu.png

"Anything you need man, I'm in."

Robert Cavanah.jpeg

"Gotta say, it's a tight and pleasing read. I love the world."

Sian Davies 2.jpeg

"I've got loads of VFX people that want to work on your projects."

Carver Diserens.jpeg

"Really great stuff, very funny, had me laughing throughout."

Cost of an Acre

Cost of an Acre

The Octagon

Kill the Reaper

A Sober Dance

Everyday People

Some Quotes About My Writing

Kill the Reaper

Stage 32 - Industry Reader Quotes:

"You're a great writer. At worst this would serve as a strong writing sample for any occult show hiring."
"It's clear you are a talented writer, that has created a rich world to play in and some great characters, with unique voices."
"I honestly don't have much to say about your characterization that will be helpful. It's very good. Much better than most of the stuff I read."

Quarterfinals Long.png

Captain Moonshine

Stage 32 - Industry Reader Quotes:

"This is well written and engaging, beginning to end. The author does well to hook the reader into a world beset by challenges and crisis."
"This pilot episode succeeds in doing what it should: Forge a unique world, populate that world with interesting characters and create real desire in the audience to consume more. "
"The budget here feels manageable, pending casting. In terms of commercial prospects, this piece has definite potential. With great execution, this story feels like it ultimately could be akin to LOST or BANDERSNATCH or RUSSIAN DOLL... and audiences generally love a smart, chilling, original TV show with great sci fi or preternatural twists"

"The overall concept here feels original and innately intriguing; the original world of this yarn also displays a strong sense of social import, without being at all preachy or partisan political."
"The focus of these pages on displaced people feels unique and very grounded (this is one of the foundational challenges of the world's growing climate crisis); this focus on a ravaged homeless population also feels equal parts heartfelt and chilling. "
"This pilot episode succeeds in doing what it should: Forge a unique world, populate that world with interesting characters and create real desire in the audience to consume more. "


Samples of My Work


A Little Bit About Me

My award winning short film A Sober Dance, is still doing the festival circuit. Though it immediately started picking up awards, nominations and selections. Currently sitting at a 95% success rate for festival selections.

I believe that no matter the cost, genre, stipulations or amount of people, every project has the ability to be amazing. As long as you believe as I do, that good enough, isn't good enough. I'm not precious about my work and am very flexible with regards to change/new and fresh ideas, as long as it serves to make the overall product better.

I hope you will join me on my journey to get top quality work made.

A Skooch of a Timeline




Although I've only been trying to get into "The Industry" for a short while, I studied film and tv production at college and uni. Then life took over and I had to put aside my dreams of being a brown Spielberg, in favour of food, running water and heat.

Instead turning my boundless creativity and attention to detail to making bad things, look good enough to buy. Working as a Creative Advertising, Media and Marketing Director for Royal Caribbean International.

After herniating my lips trying to say my job title too often, I left that role in 2019 to pursue my dreams and start my own company. Full Metal Package.

Through dedication, hard work and networking I've managed to get my scripts in front of a few discerning actors, directors, producers etc. The response has been immediate and outrageously positive.  They have all advised me to seek representation.

Just finished reworking A Sober Dance into a tight 4 season, 60-minute per episode series, able to be shot on any budget.

It's landed in a very British place, somewhere between Merlin, Peaky Blinders and Game of Thrones.

Outside of getting a literary manager/agent I'll be pursuing my career writing, directing and producing my own IP.

One of my scripts "Kill the Reaper" placed in the quarter finals of the 2021 Stage 32 Sci Fi/Fantasy Competition. My script "Cost of an Acre" is being looked at for production and distribution.

Full Metal Package is opening itself up as a production studio, A Sober Dance being the proof of concept.

The road ahead is looking fantastic and it would be good to have professional representation running alongside me.


A Smidgen About My Voice

There is nothing I'd rather do than bring thoughts to life, regardless of medium. I have been writing creatively in one way or another for 20 years.

From writing, drawing, producing and selling my own comics at comic cons for a couple of years. To writing and directing creative advertising materials, for corporations such as Genting, Royal Caribbean and Red Bull.

My writing style is to create a world, know it inside out, even down to how the most seemingly insignificant detail. Then populate it with characters that are realistically grounded in that world.

Give them full and rich lives, with hopes, dreams, aspirations and secrets. Give them friends, family, meaning and reason.

Once you have a dynamic, working world, with tactile, vibrant characters, alongside a compelling plot, the stage is set. Then when everyone starts acting with regards to their own wants, needs and personality, the story writes itself.


If you've made it this far I hope you consider representing me, so we can make a veritable ton of money together.

Either way, thanks kindly for looking and don't forget to enjoy yourself.

m: +447818531945

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