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Robert Vaughn.jpg

Robert Vaughn,

“You’re really great at what you do. Keep it up."

Robert Cavanah.jpeg

Robert Cavanah, Actor/Director

“Consummately professional and part of the family. Would definitely use again on any future production.”

Sean Bean.jpg

Sean Bean,

“That’s a really great question, nobody has ever asked me that before.”

Bentley Kalu.png

Bentley Kalu,

“An absolute pleasure to work with. Consummately professional and compassionate at the same time. A rare combination. Renewed my faith in humanity

Billy Zane.jpg

Billy Zane,

“I should do all my EPK’s like this!”

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Phil Davis.jpg

Phil Davis,

“I hate doing interviews, but this was pretty enjoyable. Thank you.”

Sian Davies.jpeg

Sian Davies,
Senior Production Coordinator

“I love your work. I’m always excited to see what you do next!”

Rebekah Louisa Smith (The Film Festival Doctor).jpg

Dr. Rebekah Louisa Smith,
CEO - The Film Festival Doctor

“A pleasure to deal with and we will be hiring them again for our next projects.”

John Adams (Evolutionary Films) 2.jpeg

John Adams,

“Genuinely a joy to have on set, the professional experience spans such a range of film industry skills.”

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Peter Pedrero.jpeg

Peter Pedrero,
Stunt Coordinator

"Every single aspect of film is important to them and they miss nothing during production. It means so much to everyone involved and their passion is infectious."

Charlie Lightening (Lightening Films).jpeg

Charlie Lightening,
CEO - Lightening Productions

“Another great edit. Smashed it!”

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