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A Sober Dance

After standing trial for the murder of his unit, a mentally unstable soldier is exiled to the front lines of an otherworldly war.

The night at the end of the tunnel.


The Road meets Stalker meets H.P. Lovecraft.

A disgraced soldier is tried and sentenced for the murder of his unit. He is exiled from his settlement and re-stationed at the Far Reaching Front, the abominable front lines of a war that has reshaped the world.
His harrowing journey is made worse by the constant flippancy of his companion; a macabre musician with a dark sense of humour. The pair set off on a journey to the end of the world and to the heart of a war that has already taken so much of the soldier’s sanity.

Short Film - Drama/Low Fantasy/Dark Comedy

From concept to completion in 4 months A Sober Dance has been doing fantastically well on the 2022 festival circuit.

Fantastic feedback and interest has taken this project, from a 15 minute short, to an hour long pilot for series.

A Sober Dance - Film Festival Page

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