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Captain Moonshine

When a homeless man discovers he can travel through time with the aid of alcohol, he seeks to bring his wife and daughter back from beyond the grave, but first he must work with a sinister new church to unify their failing society.

Sometimes the the problem is the only answer.


Happy meets Black Mirror.


Mickey, a recovering alcoholic, relapses after learning his family has been murdered. He races against detectives O’Shea and Pritchard to hunt down the homeless man he thinks is responsible and mete out his own justice. Upon discovering that his intoxication causes uncontrollable time travel, he realises he is to blame for the death of his family. After giving himself to his addiction for fifteen years, he finds solace in a sinister new church, who offer him a chance to unify the world and save his family in the process.

60-Minute Tv Pilot - Drama/Sci Fi/Crime Thriller

Put together at the end of 2018, Captain Moonshine went through a couple of rotations, before sticking its landing. Now with a truly solid 2 seasons mapped out, the plot twists encountered are phenomenal.

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