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Cost of an Acre

In the American West, the son of a Native and a Settler finds his idyllic childhood shattered as his family is torn apart by racism, civil war and stolen land.

The hands that rock the cradle.


Jeremiah Johnson meets Cheyenne Autumn meets Gone With the Wind.

Garrett Buckner dreams of building a home and a family with the love of his life, an Algonquin girl named Kimi. The problem is, Kimi’s tribe lives on a reservation. When her tribe plans a desperate mission to free their people, they leave the heavily pregnant Kimi with Garrett, who vows to keep her and their new baby Enko safe until they return. Time goes on and the fledgling family eke out a decent living, until the sole survivor of the massacre, Kimi’s brother Matu returns, seeking to replace what he has lost. Civil War, conflicting ideologies and the bloody reality of the Wild West tear the family apart, as Enko fights to survive stuck between two different cultures.

Feature Film - Wild West/Drama/Martial Arts

Written over three weeks during February 2021. It was originally intended as a martial arts/western for Steven Segal, when a mutual contact expressed his interest in the genre. Though along the way it evolved into something better. Part one of a trilogy.

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