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Everyday People

Everyday people in everyday situations with bizarre outcomes.


You see, IIIIIII am everyyydaaay peopleeee.


Armando Iannucci Shows meets Key and Peele.


Starring all kinds of people you’ve probably met at some point in your life, ‘Everyday People’ is a character driven sketch show about usual situations with unusual outcomes, where things tend to escalate… quickly.


Below is a previs, created by myself, Ed Kitchen and Will Armson. It's not the same sketches as the script, but the comedy style is the same.

30-Minute Pilot - Comedy/Dark Comedy/Sketch Comedy

Wrote just before Covid started in December 2019, Everyday People was being looked at by Channel 4. Then Covid started, my contact went back to Australia and changed jobs. Looking to produce this as the Full Metal Project.

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