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Kill the Reaper

The Grim Reaper is missing and pandaemonium threatens Hell and Earth. A hellborn, slave girl, must replace him and restore order if she is ever to win her freedom.

Freedom has a price.


Buffy meets Game of Thrones.

When a pregnant angel falls from Heaven and gives birth in Hell, her child is immediately kidnapped and enslaved. Setting in motion a chain of events that will decide the fates of all the realms. At the same time the Grim Reaper disappears leaving Earth vulnerable and Hell in an uproar. Nefarious hands start to move in the shadows and sinister plans are afoot, as the kidnapped child tries desperately to win her freedom, after unwillingly donning the mantle of The Reaper.

60-Minute Tv Pilot - High Fantasy/Adventure/Drama

Written at the beginning of 2019, Kill the Reaper was originally a 10 page comedy short, set in an American Diner.

Shortly after reading it I asked Ed if he'd mind me expanding on it.

It now has 6 seasons mapped out, at 8 episodes per season.


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