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The Octagon

Six martial artists find themselves trapped in The Octagon, as the 20,000 strong crowd turns into zombies.


20,000 zombies, 6 martial artists, 1 arena.


The Raid meets 28 Days Later.


It’s the night of the World’s Mixed Martial Arts Championship in Las Vegas. The arena is packed to capacity as some of the best fighters in the world beat each other senseless. Out in the arena, the screams of the crowd turn from joy to terror. The zombie apocalypse has begun and the arena soon turns into a killing floor, as people are bitten and turn. The martial artists must reach their families in the green room and escape the arena alive.

Feature Film - Martial Arts/Zombie/Horror

Put together early 2020, The Octagon is a high octane zombie escapade. Planning to use my stunt contacts, in order to get it in front of Scott Adkins. Star studded, absolutely wild, zombie action.

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